Strength training machines

Excellent in-house development

At Kieser, we pride ourselves on our efficient, machine-based strength training programs. To offer you maximum benefits and to provide a very high quality of training, we develop and produce all of our machines ourselves. Designed in Switzerland and manufactured to the highest quality in Germany, our equipment is able to isolate and target specific muscle groups for maximum effectiveness. Our scientists, engineers and designers are constantly working to develop new machines and enhance existing ones. The result is entirely new machines that are exclusively available at Kieser such as our two foot machines, B3 & B4, for strengthening the ankle muscles. With the help of our large range of machines, you can strengthen your entire body efficiently, effectively and safely.

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Benefits of Kieser's strength training equipment

Client strengthening his lower back on the F3.1 lower back machine
Exclusive machines
To enable selective strengthening of specific muscle groups.
F1.1 rotary torso machine to strengthen the oblique muscles of the trunk
Isolated exercises
For selective and effective strengthening of all muscle groups.
Easy to use strength training equipment
Ease of use
Thanks to special devices such as entry aids or counterweights on the seats.
Eccentric technology on Kieser strength training machines
Eccentric technology
Provides variable resistance for effective exercising across the full range of motion.
Individual adjustment of Kieser strength training machines
Individual adjustment
Of the seat, backrest or range of motion to ensure correct training technique.
Weight stack on Kieser strength training machine with precise weight adjustments
Precise training weights
Enables the load to be adapted with almost absolute precision to your increasing strength.
Strengthening the back muscles on the C5 rowing torso machine
Guided motions
Enable successful and safe training from day one.
Woman strengthening her lower back on the F3 lower back machine guided by an exercise scientist
Certified safety
Both internally and externally to guarantee maximum quality and safety.