How do you stay strong without access to Kieser equipment?

We know that in today’s uncertain climate we need to offer you more options than simply coming into a Kieser centre. In line with Federal and State Government guidelines, all Kieser clinics are still open for Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and 1:1 sessions and our clinics in QLD, NSW are open for independent training.
In order to allow clients to continue to stay strong while in isolation we have transitioned our in-clinic services to also being accessible as TeleHealth (Exercise Physiology and Physio) and Assisted Training @ Home. 

TeleHealth at Kieser


TeleHealth is our at home, video based version of Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology. Done in the comfort of your own home, our clinicians will provide a thorough assessment, treatment and exercise prescription through zoom video service. Telehealth sessions don’t require any specific equipment. Our clinicians will customise your treatment based on the materials you already have at home – and if required we can send you what you need!

Assisted Training @ Home

Assisted Training @ Home is our video based version or 1:1 Assisted Training sessions usually completed at Kieser with your Exercise Scientist. As experienced exercise professionals, our Exercise Scientists can guide you through a full exercise program using body weight only or one using equipment you have available. If you think that body weight exercise is only low intensity – you are in for a shock at your first session! With the background of a tertiary degree, our Exercise Scientists are well equipped to make exercise harder or easier for clients of any ability.

Membership Options

Kieser currently offers a number of service options for you to continue your rehab and progress with your health program. These options include memberships with weekly Assisted Training sessions, either in the centre or at home as well as options for virtual group classes. Contact us to learn more about our membership options.

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What equipment do I need?

Virtual Kieser sessions don’t require any specific equipment. Our clinicians will customise your treatment based on the materials you already have at home – and if required we can send you what you need!

Can I use my Private Health Insurance?

Yes, as of 14th April 2020, Telehealth Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology items are now accepted by all Private Health Insurers.

Can I claim on EPC Medicare, Worksafe and DVA?

TeleHealth sessions are able to be claimed through WorkSafe and DVA.

But what if I see my Physio for hands on work?

Our clinicians are able to guide you in performing some of these manual therapy techniques yourself through various exercises. As always, longer term change is made through rehabilitation exercises, load management and self-management strategies that encourage you to take an active role in your own rehabilitation. 

What outcomes should I expect?

More strength, better movement, less pain: the same outcomes you expect from face-to-face Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology or Assisted Training. Whilst the medium might be different, and changes occur a little slower without equipment, you can still expect the same positive results from TeleHealth as face-to-face services.

What if I’m not a Kieser member?

You can still train. A huge benefit of Assisted Training @ Home is that it is now available for anyone in Australia. So if you have been following Kieser for years, but aren’t a member, this is your chance to learn from our highly qualified team of health professionals.