The Kieser Method

Strengthening your body can help promote an active, pain-free and healthy life. The Kieser method is a fusion of health science and exercise science. It is an approach based on the key principles of exercise science and grounded in decades of results from over 100 centres worldwide. Click here to learn more about Kieser. 

The Kieser difference

Woman strengthening her deltoid muscle on the C5 rowing torso machine
Effective, high-intensity training
To strengthen your body in two 30 minute sessions per week.
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At Kieser, all of our strength training programs are designed to be completed in only two 30 minute sessions per week with High-Intensity Training (HIT).

In practice, the exercise is done until local fatigue eventually sets in – in other words, until the muscle gives in. A guideline for the amount of time needed per exercise is 90 to 120 seconds.

If you can train for longer than 120 seconds until local fatigue sets in, the weight is increased by 5% in the next training session. If you cannot sustain it for 90 seconds, the weight is reduced by 5%. If it is sustained for between 90 and 120 seconds, the training weight is kept the same. Because you are training to achieve localised fatigue, only one set is performed at Kieser.

1:1 supervision
To ensure that your training is designed precisely for your needs and goals.
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Kieser place great value in ensuring that you complete your strength training program with proper technique, because this is the only way to ensure you achieve your goals. You will be personally supervised in 1:1 sessions by our Exercise Scientists or Exercise Physiologists during your first six training sessions. Your instructor will show you how to adjust the machines and perform the exercises correctly so that you are confident to commence independent strength and rehabilitation training.

To ensure you see training results, you will then be supervised every 20 training sessions to adapt the weights and machines and to ensure that you are training effectively at the right intensity. Of course, our Exercise Scientists are always there for you to speak to in the meantime.

Physiotherapy at Kieser
For a thorough assessment and diagnosis.
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Kieser clients begin their journey with an initial consultation with one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists, who will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce any aches and pains and start the process of reconditioning. If there are any physical complaints, these will be accounted for in your individual training plan, allowing you to train safely and precisely in accordance with your needs.

Back strengthening on the Lumbar Extension machine
Back strength testing and training
To determine your current strength and retrain your lower back muscles.
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The back strength test on the Lumbar Extension Machine (LE) provides an objective analysis of your current condition. The strength of the spinal erectors and the mobility of the spine are measured by a Physiotherapist, and the measurements are compared against reference data. This test provides a basis to prepare your treatment plan and manage your effective back training. 

The benefits of strength training on our LE machine compared to our other strength training equipment for the back are derived from the use of the restraint to isolate the muscles that are weak, the precisely gauged resistance, the safe movement guidance and the way the motion of the exercise protects the joints under the guidance of a Physiotherapist. Click here to learn more about our spinal programs. 

Strengthening the biceps muscles on the H1 machine
Training without distractions
In a calm and concentrated atmosphere.
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At Kieser we believe our clients should be able to train in a clean, bright, uncluttered space, free of any distractions so the focus can be solely upon training. This is why all of our centres have no music, no mirrors and no distractions. We believe this creates a non-intimidating environment that welcomes clients from all levels of ability.

Kieser strength training equipment highlighting the D6 chest press machine
Specially-designed training machines
To isolate and target specific muscle groups
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Strength training at Kieser is performed on highly specialised machines that offer a number of advantages over exercises that are dependent on the body’s own mass or over free weight training – namely that the muscles are perfectly isolated during the exercise with cushions and supports. The machines are easy to use and are fully adjustable so they can be used by both beginners and professional athletes. The guided movements enable training that is safe and does not unnecessarily overburden the joints. Click here to learn more about our strength training equipment. 

Qualified staff
For expert advice and training guidance.
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Our focus at Kieser is to help you to achieve your training goals, which is why we place great value in ensuring that our staff have the appropriate expertise. All of our staff are highly qualified professionals with degrees in Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology or Exercise/Health Science. They are well equipped to deal with all client needs and conditions.