My Kieser Story, Alison Craig: to Manage My Scoliosis

Client Name:  Alison Craig
Centre:  Brighton/Caulfield
Primary Instructor:  Steffan Cavalera

After years of pain from scoliosis, Alison decided to give Kieser a try. She has been training consistently for more than three years and has seen a significant reduction in her pain. Here is her story:


"I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis some years ago after which I tried many different forms of treatment. I was first recommended to see a health professional, who upon seeing my MRI for the first time told me that my condition was shocking and that he has seen people in wheelchairs with better backs than mine!

I was in pain a lot of the time and had to sit down continuously, using heat to relieve the pain. Even supermarket shopping was an ordeal, as I found pushing the trolley and unloading the car difficult. Any type of housework including vacuuming, meal preparation and bed making were a real ordeal due to the pain. Over the years I tried a number of different remedies, all to little effect.

I first discovered Kieser advertised in a local magazine, and decided to give it a try. That was three and a half years ago, and I have never looked back. When I first started I saw different instructors but eventually stayed with Steffan with whom I have a really great rapport. He has made my sessions extremely rewarding and enjoyable, and I have been virtually pain free for some time.

I have also been attending Steve’s Stable and Able class at Caulfield since the beginning of the year and find it both challenging and rewarding as well as being very beneficial.

I have been doing two Assisted Training sessions per week with Steffan since I started at Kieser. Steffan has always been incredibly dedicated, caring and professional. I would never have had the discipline to do two sessions a week on my own, however with his assistance I have been able to achieve optimum results. Knowing that he is correcting anything that is not quite right, as well as increasing the weight and range when appropriate, has been invaluable.

Three years later and Kieser has improved my quality of life, and my ability to do many activities without pain. I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of different staff members at Kieser and I have found them all to be very interested in my wellbeing and very pleasant to deal with. Prior to starting Kieser I was taking pain relief medication on a fairly regular basis to help me cope, but have never needed to do this since starting Kieser.

I have espoused the virtues of Kieser to many people and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Since starting at Kieser I have never had to look back!”

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