Running for Paediatric Cancer research

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Running for Paediatric Cancer research

This month, Sam Wakefield, a valued Exercise Scientist at Kieser Torquay took on the challenge of running 160km (100 miles) to raise money for the Kids Cancer Project, an organisation that provides vital funding towards Paediatric Cancer research.

Sam holds a deep personal connection to this cause, having seen firsthand the impact of cancer not only on diagnosed children but also on their family and friends. His commitment to raising funds is driven by a desire to help prevent kids, families and friends from experiencing the effects of this disease.


How does one prepare for a momentous challenge like this?

Sam shared that as part of his preparation for the event, he ran four times a week and incorporated lower body gym sessions twice a week.

The sessions followed a periodised structure, with the initial block focusing on force absorption, then progressing to force production and a taper. The key muscle groups targeted were quads, calves and muscles of the lateral hip. For those runners aiming to strengthen these muscle groups, consider integrating the B6, B1, B9, J1, A3 and A6 machines in your training program.

Sam was disappointed not to complete 160km distance after succumbing to a pre-existing injury after what was an impressive 15 hours and 101km of running. Despite the setback, he took valuable lessons from the attempt, and after some time to rehab and prepare, he will take on the 160km challenge again.


If you would like to support Sam in his mission to raise funds for Paediatric Cancer research through the Kids Cancer Project, donations can be made here.