Keep Your Pelvic Floor Strong with the Pelvic Floor A5 Machine

Pelvic floor
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Machine of the Month - A5 Contraction of the Pelvic Floor 


The A5, or contraction of the pelvic floor, isolates and strenghtens the pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor is a muscular closure beneath the pelvis and forms the actual bottom of the abdomen. It supports the organs in the abdominal cavity, contributes to core stability and stops incontinence. The pelvic floor is especially taxed during pregnancy and childbirth and after prostate surgery, but weaknesses can occur at any age and for each gender.

The A5 machine allows isolation of the pelvic floor muscles and is unique in the way that it targets the muscles with an appropriate level of activation. Its specialised software uses biofeedback, meaning the training is visualised on the screen and results can be easily monitored

Important Technique Points

  • Maintain a relaxed but upright posture to ensure maximum possible contact with the sensor tube
  • Rest your hands on your thighs during the exercise, breathe regularly and do not tense the gluteal muscles
  • Keep your body absolutely still, do not speak and do not change sitting position whilst the program is running
  • Only proceed to the next program if you have achieved a result of 7 or higher for at least three consecutive times

If you would like to add the A5 to your training program, be sure to talk to an instructor.