Keep Your Neck Strong with the G5 Machine

Illustrations of using the G5 machine
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Machine of the Month - G5 4-Way Neck - Rear

The G5, or 4-way neck - rear, strengthens the extensor muscles in the neck and the upper section of the trapezius muscles.

Imagine holding a bowling ball, now imagine having to hold its weight with your neck. That is what you do every day with your head resting on your neck. This is why it is important that the muscles surrounding your neck are strong to ensure that they can support your spine.

The neck extensors work tirelessly all day, through functional, everyday movements such as looking down at your keyboard or window checks in your car. As the G5 machine mimics these movements, it makes it a great exercise to do for every day activities.

Important Technique Points

  • Only extend your head slightly past neutral

  • Ensure to keep the pressure of your head within the head pad by sitting up tall. The machine will not move or work effectively if you do not keep the pressure of your head backwards into the pad.

  • Tuck your chin in, roll your neck toward the back, initiating the motion at the base of your neck, where it attaches to your torso.

  • Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed

If you would like to add the G5 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.