Keeping Strength and Good Health while Aging

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Ageing is part of the human process, and although there is no quick fix this does not mean that we have to sit back and accept the effects that it has on our health.


Although genes play a fundamental part in determining whether our body and brain remain in a healthy state, an individual’s personal lifestyle can have a large impact on our wellbeing.

Physical inactivity has been identified as a primary cause of age related disorders and frailties. Muscle strength and endurance will start to see a decline from the age of 25.

Adults lose a total of 15% of their strength between the age of 50 and 60, and a further 30-40% as they get older. These frailties have a negative affect on the body, but these are not side effects that need to be felt, and a few lifestyle changes can help to easily alleviate the long –lasting affects of age.

Lifestyle is the key to successful ageing. Strength training for health combined with a balanced diet, a sensible approach to stimulants such as alcohol or chocolate, regular exercise and social contact can be the most effective way to stay healthy as we age.

What can Kieser do to help?

Kieser aims at assisting in ensuring that you keep your body healthy for as long as possible. At Kieser your physiotherapist will complete a comprehensive assessment of your health and medical history, and discuss your goals. We will work with you to develop strategies for fitting regular physical activity into your lifestyle and make sure you are well equipped with the skills, knowledge and support to maintain your program long into the future.

Don’t let age get in the way of your health. Contact your nearest Kieser centre today.