Keep Your Lower Back Strong with the F3/F3.1 Machine

Illustration of using the F3/F3.1 lower back machine
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Machine of the Month - F3/F3.1 Lower Back Machine

The F3, or lower back machine, isolates and strengthens the lumber extensor muscles of the lower back. 

A staple of many clients training programs, the F3 not only helps to reduce and manage lower back pain, but it helps to stabilise your entire core. The function of the lumbar extensors is to extend, or arch, the lower spine. Thus, weakness in these muscles can be a major contributor to low back pain and injuries.

Difference between the F3 and F3.1

The new F3.1 is mechanically somewhat closer to the LE machine used during Physiotherapy sessions. It allows almost total immobilisation of the pelvis and at the same time is easier on the knees.

Important Technique Points

  • Ensure that you are engaging your lower back in this exercise and that you do not press down with your legs or lift your buttocks from the seat

  • Be sure to keep your head neutral. Tilting your head back will make the exercise less effective and may cause neck tension

  • Grip the handholds loosely and keep your shoulders low

If you would like to add the F3 or F3.1 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.