Keep Your Abdominals Strong with the F2/F2.1 Abdominal Machine

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Machine of the Month - F2/F2.1 Abdominal Machine

The F2/F2.1, or abdominal, isolates and strengthens the straight abdominal muscles.

If you were to do a poll to discover the most hated machine at Kieser, it is likely that the F2 would come out on top. The good news is that the F2 is highly effective in training a muscle group that is often difficult to isolate (but is one of the most important).

Not only do strong abdominals come in handy for sports such as golf, tennis and skiing but they can help prevent and reduce lower back pain.

In 2016 we released an updated version, the F2.1, to a few clinics. This version makes it easier to isolate the abdominal muscles without the assistance of the hip flexors.

Important Technique Points

  • Ensure that your back remains in contact with the backrest throughout the exercise.

  • Remember to maintain your posture and do not slide backwards on the seat.

  • Ensure that you isolate the abdominals and do not use your arms for leverage.

  • This exercise requires a very small range of motion to be effective. Be sure to stay within the ROM indicated in your settings.

If you would like to add the F2 or F2.1 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.