Keep Your Biceps Strong with the H1 Bicep Machine

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Machine of the Month - H1 Bicep Machine 

The H1, or biceps, isolates and strengthens the biceps muscles of the arms.

While the H1 requires careful consideration to technique, the exercise can be extremely beneficial when performed correctly. The H1 flexes your arm at the elbow joint which is an action you perform countless times each day.

Strengthening the bicep muscles is important as the biceps are activated in a number of everyday activities, such as picking up a suitcase, lifting grocery bags, digging with a shovel or picking up a child.

Important Technique Points

  • Remember to keep your shoulders low throughout the exercise

  • Ensure you keep your wrists in a straight line

  • Keep both hands in a firm grip on the handles

  • Keep your upper arms and forearms in contact with the pads throughout the exercise

  • Make sure you keep your buttocks on the rear half of the seat and sit in a neutral position, to avoid leaning back


If you would like to add the H1 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.