Keep Your Chest Strong with the D6 Chest Press Machine

Illustration of using the D6 chest press machine
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Machine of the Month - D6 Chest Press Machine

The D6, or chest press, isolates and strengthens the pectoral and tricep muscles, meaning the muscles in the chest and the back of the arm.

The D6 is a compound exercise. This machine is a great addition to a training program as the pectoral muscles, or pecs, provide stability for the shoulders and the body’s skeletal structure.

The D6 strengthens muscles within the upper body which are important for everyday functional movements. These include movements such as pushing yourself up from the floor or bed, pushing open a door or moving a heavy object.

Important Technique Points

  • Make sure your whole back is in contact with the backrest to avoid arching at the lower back

  • Be sure to keep the shoulders relaxed

  • Keep elbows just below shoulder height and pointed out

  • Remember to keep the elbows slightly bent at the end position

  • Be sure to keep the wrists in a neutral position

  • Keep your head straight or on the backrest throughout the exercise

If you would like to add the D6 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.