Keep Your Legs Strong with the B6 Leg Press Machine

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Machine of the Month - B6 Leg Press 

The B6, or leg press, strengthens the quadriceps, hamstring and large gluteal muscles of the lower body.

The B6 is one of Kieser’s compound machines, which means it works two or more joints at the one time (knee and hip).

Lower limb strength is important for stability and stamina in a number of activities such as skiing, cycling, running and golf.

Another benefit of the B6 is that you are able to train one leg at a time. By exercising on the B6 one leg at a time, it allows you to even out any inter- muscular imbalances that you may have.

Important Technique Points

  • Ensure that your knees are tracking back in line with your hips, and are not coming in together, nor moving away from each other

  • Make sure to use the handholds as support to prevent your body from sliding down

  • Remember to keep your legs slightly bent in the end position

  • Make sure that the pressure is exerted solely through your heels throughout the entire exercise

If you would like to add the B6 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.