Keep Your Neck and Shoulders Strong with the G1 Machine

Illustration of using the G1 neck and shoulder machine
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Machine of the Month - G1 Neck and Shoulder Machine

The G1, or neck and shoulder, isolates and strengthens the upper trapezius muscle of the neck.

A primary role of the upper trapezius is to elevate the shoulder girdle. The G1 is often used to rehabilitate shoulder movement and retrain proper shoulder movement patterns.

The G1 machine is not as frequently used as some of our machines, however it is one that could be incorporated into more programs, especially for those with previous shoulder or neck injuries.

The G1 can also be used for passive stretching in order to relieve tension in the neck.

Important Technique Points

  • Be sure to keep your upper body straight and do not lean back

  • Remember to check your shoulder position in the mirror

  • Ensure that you activate the correct muscles and do not try to exert pressure with your legs

  • Remember to keep your palms facing up throughout the exercise

If you would like to add the G1 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.