Keep Your Neck Strong with the G3 4-Way Neck (Side) Machine

Illustration of using G3 machine
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Machine of the Month - G3 4-Way Neck (Side) Machine

The G3, or 4-way neck (side), isolates and strengthens your sternocleidomastoid muscles and the upper section of the trapezius of the neck. 

The sternocleidomastoid muscles are the two large muscles located at the front of the neck. These are the muscles most often injured during whiplash and as such can cause a number of symptoms and refer pain to many areas of the upper body. Strengthening the sternocleidomastoid muscles can also help to reduce pain in the head and neck area.

Strengthening the sternocleidomastoid and upper trapezius muscles helps in a number of activities such as, turning your head when driving, working on a computer or protecting the neck for contact sports. The movement on the G3 is lateral flexion of the cervical spine and thus exercising on this machine also help to support your spine and can improve overall posture. 

Important Technique Points

  • Keep your back straight and torso in contact with the pad
  • Remember to keep the shoulders relaxed
  • Avoid moving the upper body from side to side

Replicating the G3 at home

If you are unable to come into a Kieser clinic, you can replicate the G3 exercise at home with the sidelying cervical lateral flexion.

To perform the exercise at home:

  • Start lying on your side with your arm supporting your head
  • Tilt your head to one side until you can feel a stretch
  • Tilt your head back to neutral

If you would like to add the G3 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientst.