Keep Your Neck Strong with the G4 Machine

Illustration of using the G4 4-way neck - front machine
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Machine of the Month - G4 4-way neck - front machine

The G4, or 4-way neck - front, isolates and strengthens the long head and scalene muscles that flex the head forward. 

The G4 exercise is not as frequently used as other exercises, however it does play an important role in overall neck strength and posture. The G4 exercise can help those with multi directional weakness and instability in the neck. It can be beneficial for those with neck pain, headaches and especially those who have experienced whiplash.

Additionally, the G4 exercise can help those who play contact sports, such as football and rugby. 

Important Technique Points

  • Ensure that you keep your back straight and the upper body in contact with the pad

  • Only increase the weight by small increments (less than 5%)

  • Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed

  • Make sure that you keep your chin tucked in throughout the movement

If you would like to add the G4 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.