Keep Your Shoulders and Chest Strong with the E3 Machine

Illustration of using the E3 overhead press
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Machine of the Month - E3 Overhead Press

The E3, or overhead press, isolates and strengthens the deltoid, triceps, serratus anterior and greater pectoral muscles of the shoulders, arms and chest.

The E3 is a highly effective compound upper-body exercise. The overhead press strengthens the main muscles in the shoulder and thus is a great exercise to help prevent shoulder injuries.

Training on the E3 is beneficial for a number of everyday activities that involve lifting things over your head, such as hanging washing, lifting things onto a high shelf or carrying children.

Important Technique Points

  • Make sure your elbows remain slightly bent in the end position

  • Remember to keep your back straight and in contact with the backrest

  • Ensure that you keep your shoulders low throughout the exercise

  • Keep your head in line with your neutral spine

  • Keep the handholds in contact with the entire ball of the hand and keep your wrists straight

Replicating the E3 at home

If you are unable to come into a Kieser clinic, you can replicate the E3 exercise at home with the shoulder press. 

To perform the shoulder press at home:

  • Begin standing with weights in your hands at shoulder level
  • Push the weights up above head, pause, and slowly lower again
  • Maintain your back position by engaging trunk muscles

If you would like to add the E3 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.