Keep Your Shoulders Strong with the E1 Neck Press Machine

Illustration of using an E1 Neck Press Machine
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Machine of the Month - E1 Neck Press Machine

The E1, or neck press, isolates and strengthens the deltoid muscle of the shoulder, the triceps muscle of the arm and the serratus anterior muscles on the side of the ribcage.

The E1 exercise is similar to the E3, however the E1 does not utilise the pectoral muscles, thus further isolating the muscles around the shoulder. The E1 is a great exercise to help prevent shoulder injuries as it strengthens the main muscles in the shoulder. Training on the E1 is beneficial for a number of everyday activities that involve lifting things over your head, such as hanging washing, lifting things onto a high shelf or carrying children. 

Important Technique Points

  • Remember to keep your elbows slightly bent in the end position

  • Ensure that your back remains straight and in contact with the backrest throughout the exercise

  • Make sure to keep your head back and in a neutral position with your spine

  • Ensure that you keep your shoulders low throughout the exercise
  • Remember to keep your wrists straight


If you would like to add the E1 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.