Keep Your Shoulders Strong with the E2 Lateral Raise Machine

Illustration of using E2 machine
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Machine of the Month - E2 Lateral Raise Machine

The E2, or lateral raise, strengthens your deltoid muscles on top of your shoulders.

The E2 is a great addition to a training program as it works to isolate and strengthen the medial and anterior portions of the deltoid muscle. The medial deltoid muscle is the one you use to abduct your arm -- that is, move it away from your body. Strengthening this muscle helps in a number of everyday activities, such as lifting things from the ground, pruning in the garden, opening jars or brushing your hair. 

The E2 can also be modified to strengthen different parts of the deltoid muscle, depending on your needs. 

Important Technique Points

  • Ensure that your back remains on the backrest at all times
  • Remember to raise your arms to the side until you reach a point where your elbows are slightly lower than your shoulders
  • Keep your hands in a loose grip and your head upright
  • Keep your shoulders low and retracted throughout the movement. This helps to prevent neck tension

If you would like to add the E2 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.