Keep Your Shoulders Strong with the E4 & E5 Machine

Illustration of using E4 machine
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Machine of the Month - E4/E5 Internal & External Rotation of the Shoulder

The E4 (internal rotation of shoulder) and the E5 (external rotation of shoulder) both target the rotator cuff of your shoulder.

The muscles around the shoulder are extremely important for stabilising the shoulder joint, which can ultimately assist in preventing shoulder injuries. When you have pain/ injury around your rotator cuff, it can affect all aspects of your daily life, from putting on a shirt, to brushing your teeth, to reaching for something.

The new E4 and E5
You may have seen new a E4/5 machine being introduced in your clinic. This machine is the newest development from the Kieser research department in Switzerland and is able to be better adjusted to the individual. On this machine clients are also able to train both the left and right side at the same time to save time.

Important Technique Points

  • Make sure your entire back and shoulder remains in contact with the backrest

  • Keep your wrists straight throughout the entire exercise so that you isolate the rotator cuff

  • Your seat position is correct if the upper arm slopes down slightly towards the elbow. If you feel your shoulder is parallel to the floor, ask an Exercise Scientist to fix your positioning.

  • SAFETY WARNING for the standard E4/E5: Be sure to pull the pin out firmly from switching from left to right arm as the counterweight is very heavy.

If you would like to add the E4 or E5 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.