Keep Your Triceps and Chest Strong with the J4 and K4 Machine

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Machine of the Month - J4/K4 Dips Machine

The J4/K4, or dips, isolates and strengthens the pectoral muscle of the chest, the triceps muscles of the arms and the lower part of the trapezius muscle.

The J4/K4 exercise is a multi-joint exercise that focusses on lowering the body in a controlled movement. The J4 and K4 exercises use similar muscles to the D7 exercise and can help with shoulder health and posture.

The K4 exercise has the same movement as the J4, however it is performed on our K-tower and is supported by weights. This makes the K4 a great starter exercise for those working up to the J4.

Important Technique Points

  • Be sure to keep your elbows pointing outwards throughout the exercise

  • Ensure you keep your hips extended and your body in a straight line

  • When you lower your body, be sure to go no further than the point of where the shoulders are level with the elbows


If you would like to add the J4 or K4 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.