Keep Your Upper Back Strong with the C5 Rowing Torso Machine

C5 Rowing Torso
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Machine of the Month - C5 Rowing Torso

The C5, or rowing torso, strengthens the rhomboid and trapezius muscles of the upper back as well as the rear deltoid muscle of the shoulder. Strengthening these muscles helps to maintain good posture.

The C5 is considered a corrector machine, which means that it is designed to correct certain imbalances caused through poor posture (e.g. sitting at a desk on a computer for multiple hours per day). 

Important Technique Points

  • Make sure that your arms remain bent at 90 degrees and that your forearms stay parallel to the floor or sightly raised 

  • Ensure that you keep your upper body in contact with the chest pad the entire time to maintain stability throughout the exercise

  • Keep your shoulders down throughout the exercise to avoid creating tension in your neck

  • Limit your range of motion to isolate the target muscles

The C5 is one of the most challenging exercises to perform with perfect technique, so ensure that you ask a team member to assist you on the machine if you have any questions. 

If you would like to add the C5 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.