Meet Hugh Degaris

Hugh Degaris
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National Diabetes Week is July 10 – 16, 2022, and the theme this year is challenging diabetes related stigma. Exercise Physiologists play a significant role in supporting the almost 1.8 million Australians diagnosed with Diabetes. Meet Hugh Degaris, our Principal Exercise Physiologist in Geelong who works closely with clients to help them manage their Diabetes.

Qualifications & Professional Experience

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement (Victoria University)

  • Masters of Exercise Physiology (Deakin University)

  • Owner of Degaris Exercise Physiology (2014-2019) where I focused on movement based rehabilitation and exercise to achieve the goals of my clients.

  • Health Services Advisor for CFA (Country Fire Authority-2018-2019) where I ran the health programs for Operational Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters and Corporate staff.

  • Rehabilitation Consultant (2019-2020) where I helped people navigate the return to work after injurying themselves.

What do you enjoy about working as an Exercise Physiologist at Kieser?
"I love getting to help clients using state of the art facilities to improve their health, fitness and strength."

What is your favourite machine at Kieser?
"The F3.1 as it helps manage my lower back and I've never experienced a machine like this outside of Kieser."

What is a fun fact about you?
"I coached tennis for 8 years before moving into the Exercise Physiology field."

What do you like to do when not at work?
"I love any activity that challenges the body physically which can include trail running, bike riding and triathlons."


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