Meet Jess Hiew

Jess Hiew
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She has worked at Kieser for over seven years and has worked as a Physio at Kieser in Brighton and Fitzroy. She is now excited for her newest adventure as a Physio at Kieser Northcote.

Qualifications & Professional Experience

  • University of Toronto, Canada - Bachelor of Medical Science

  • University of Canberra - Masters of Physiotherapy

  • Level 1 and 2 Spinal Physiotherapy

  • Level 1 and 2 Sports Physiotherapy

  • Member of Australia Physiotherapy Association

What do you enjoy about working as a Physiotherapist at Kieser?
"I am passionate about being a leader and working with an amazing team and clients at Kieser Fitzroy. I love staying fit and healthy and that's my aim at Fitzroy - to promote exercise and strength training to as many people in the local community."

What is your favourite machine at Kieser?
B1 - keeps my knees strong. I had an ACL reconstruction 8 years ago. I would have this machine in my living room if I had the space."

What is a fun fact about you?
"I enjoy playing the ukulele and LOVE basketball."

What do you like to do when not at work?
"When I'm not at Kieser I enjoy playing tennis, riding my bike and playing with my new puppy!"


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