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She is a Director & Clinic Leader at Kieser Ringwood and has been an integral part of our Exercise Science team for over six years. Not only is she a fantastic team leader and a dedicated and caring Exercise Scientist, but she also is doing incredible work outside Kieser with the NRL VIC Women's Program.

Qualifications & Professional Experience

  • Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science

  • Masters of High Performance Sport

  • ASCA Level 2 Coach

  • NRL Victoria Strength & Conditioning Coach

Can you explain a bit about your work with the NRL VIC Women’s Program?
"My position is Head of Performance within the female pathways. This involves working with female athletes within the representative programs aged 15 years & up, preparing them to represent Victoria in various championships & hopefully into careers as professional athletes within the NRLW or on the international stage with the Jillaroos! My role encompasses mainly the physical preparation of the players in the form or strength & conditioning, but also other important elements such as testing, recovery, mental preparation & nutrition."

What do you enjoy about working as an Exercise Scientist at Kieser?
"I enjoy educating & challenging clients with high intensity strength training - particularly those who are new to strength training or nervous about training to fatigue! It is extremely rewarding to not only see the physical benefits that our clients get from high intensity strength training but also the knowledge & confidence they gain within themselves."

What is your favourite machine at Kieser?
"Hard question - it changes depending on my current goals! At the moment it is a tie between the D6 chest press & the B6 leg press!"

What is a fun fact about you?
"If I was not working in the exercise field, I would have loved to be a chef! I consider myself a pretty good cook, & recently, I am dabbling in pickling vegetables & smoking meats, so any tips are welcome!" 

What do you like to do when not at work?
"When not at Kieser or rugby I love spending time outdoors - walks, hiking, beach etc. Especially if it is an adventure I can take my dogs with me on!"


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