Keep Your Feet Strong with the B3 & B4 Machine

Training with the B3/B4 machine
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Keep Your Feet Strong with the B3 & B4

The B3 (foot pronation) and B4 (foot supination), isolate and strengthen the muscles of the calf, shins, ankles and feet.

The B3 exercise strengthens the calf and shin muscles which lift the outer edge of the foot. The B4 exercise strengthens the tibialis posterior and the flexor digitorum longus, which lift the inner edge of the foot.

Strong feet and ankles can significantly improve ankle stability and thus reduce the risk of injury. Strong lower limbs can help in everyday movements such as walking and balance, while also helping in sports that require frequent stops, change in direction or jumping such as tennis, basketball and football.

Important Technique Points

  • Make sure that the soles of the feet are in full contact with the footplates throughout the exercise
  • Ensure that the pad is firmly centered on top of the foot
  • Make sure that the lower legs exert pressure on the pads

  • If you change to significantly different shoes, be sure to speak to an exercise scientist as your settings may change

If you would like to add the B3 or B4 to your training program, be sure to talk to an exercise scientist.