My Kieser Story, Tuulia Ijas: to Keep Riding

Client Name: Tuulia Ijas
Centre: Collins Street/South Melbourne
Primary Instructor: Georgia Verry

Tuulia came to Kieser to reduce her back pain to return to cycling. After a setback which included surgery, she returned to Kieser committed to get stronger than ever and is enjoying her favourite activities again. Here is her story:

“When I had to say no for a Sunday drive with friends due to back pain preventing me from sitting in a car, I knew I had to do something. I had been walking past Kieser South Melbourne numerous times always wondering what that would be like. I looked them up and booked myself in. From the first day it all made perfect sense to me. I had seen health professionals before but actually seeing the ugly truth of having the back strength of someone twice my age was an eye opener for me.

I joined as a member and started building strength. Not long after I began to feel better and was able to start riding to work again. I worked with a few different instructors but ended booking some one on one sessions to move things along with higher intensity workouts.

Unfortunately sometimes things just don’t work out as expected and out of nowhere I injured my back. This was different to the pain I had before and it was disappointing to realise my pain had returned.

Luckily, my Kieser team were great. We discussed steps forward, I got some exercises to improve the situation and we modified my training program to suit. Knowing that surgery might be required, I continued working one on one with my instructor. After three months I opted for surgery. Not because what we were doing didn’t work, but for me being an engineer knowing that there was something mechanically wrong that could fixed it just made sense.

I had a Kieser session day before my surgery. I walked 16 hours after the surgery unassisted. At that moment I knew that the work I did before the surgery had made the difference and prepared me for a quick recovery. I was back at Kieser two weeks after the surgery. I walked from home to Kieser and back that day and my recovery was well underway. With my rehab program I was ready to get back to exercising in six weeks.

My Kieser team continued to work together to determine the steps forward and how to increase the intensity of my workouts. 12 weeks after the surgery I was given the all clear and was back on the full program I had before the injury.

Nine months later I was back where I was before the injury. Practically pain free and doing the things I liked doing. My instructor, Georgia, has without any mercy been building me up from scratch once a week. Religiously – no sessions missed. There has definitely been sweating, maybe some tears, swearing and talk about having a bucket ready just in case, but I have never felt better!

Kieser has been a showcase of teamwork. That is what made the difference for me and makes Kieser a success – teamwork and combining the knowledge to benefit the individual the most. The concept is so simple but so effective. I am writing this after a two-hour mountain bike ride. Before starting Kieser I would be lying on my back and looking for pain killers. Not today. Today, I have full movement in my back and more strength than I have had in years. I’m not in pain and ready to do whatever I feel like. That is a feeling I thought I lost forever.”

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