Strength Training Benefits for Cycling

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Cycling and Strength Training 

If you are passionate about cycling, chances are that at some point you have encountered neck, shoulder or back pain.

When we cycle, the pedalling motion and posture put an uneven load on our muscles. The muscles that are used the most while cycling are the neck, shoulder, back, arms and chest muscles in the upper body and the quadriceps of the thigh, gastrocnemius, and gluteus maximums muscles. It is therefore important for cyclists to strengthen these areas to avoid causing long-term damage.

Our cycling program is devised so the exercises performed target and strengthen muscles and correct imbalances that may have occurred over time. Our machines train the flexors and extensors through their entire range of motion thereby correcting imbalances and protecting you from knee injury. 

The program also helps you reach your potential and maximise performance through intensive training, which helps build strength in muscles. This is caused by stimuli that are triggered through these sessions, which improve the interplay between muscle fibre and nerves leading to the mobilisation of unused fibres. So when you train those flexors and extensors in your knee, the increased strength allows you to generate more power and increase your speed. This is ideal for those either participating in races or looking to generally improve speed while riding. 

It is also a great choice for those who enjoy mountain biking as the harsh terrain causes immense strain on the body. Strong muscles, combined with good technique help improve control and manoeuvre obstacles more efficiently. The program also better prepares your muscles, ligaments and bones for the intense vibration in your thighs, forearms and wrists whilst riding downhill. 

Another crucial benefit of the program is that it improves your posture while riding, so whether you like racing on the tracks, mountain biking or just riding for leisure, the cycling program can help you maintain the best posture to prevent injuries and cycle for longer.