Strength Training for Hips & Hip Adductors

Illustration of using A4 adductors machine
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Machine of the Month - A4 Adductors

The A4, or adductors, strengthens the hip adductors, and more specifically the adductor longus. The adductor muscles work together to bring our legs in to the body.

Any activity or sport that requires lateral movement and fast change of direction, such as tennis, squash or most ball sports, places a heavy emphasis on strength through the adductor muscles.

For tennis players, groin injuries are quite common due to the frequent change of direction and agility aspects of the game. For this reason, exercising on the A4 is essential for any racquet sport.

Important Technique Points

  • Do not abduct (move legs away from body) too far. Just bring your legs out to a position where you feel a slight pre-stretch and then adduct (bring legs in) from this position

  • Do not bend your knees – this will statically activate your hamstring muscles and allow them to assist slightly. Ensure that your knees are as straight as possible to isolate the adductors

  • Keep your feet relaxed throughout the exercise

If you would like to add the A4 to your training program, be sure to talk to an Exercise Scientist.