Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Physiotherapy Treatment and Prevention

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Lower Back Pain Treatment and Sciatica Pain Relief

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, approximately 80% of Australians will suffer from lower back pain over the course of their lifetime. 

Chances are you may have a history of suffering lower back pain or sciatica in some capacity.

To help with the treatment and long-term prevention of lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain we recommend seeing a qualified physiotherapist who has the expert knowledge to assess your situation and apply physiotherapy treatments to help achieve pain-free living. 

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain characterises a range of conditions relating to muscles, bones, joints, nerves and connective tissue which can be the result of injury, muscle damage, strains or poor biomechanics. 

Lower back pain and sciatica can impact your day-to-day life and duties. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, almost 2 in 5 Australians said lower back pain moderately interfered with their daily activities in a recent survey.

Kieser’s Spinal Program is a unique lower back treatment program starting with a 45-minute assessment of your condition. Using Kieser’s exclusive Lumbar Extension equipment, your physiotherapist will test the mobility of your lower back and gauge the strength of the deep spinal muscles. Next, you’ll be provided a strength training program from your physiotherapist to target the primary and secondary muscles causing your lower back pain. 

Sciatic Nerve Pain 

Sciatica can be debilitating while suffering symptoms of mild-severe burning, radiating or shooting pain down the back, hip, buttocks or lower limbs caused by the sciatic nerve.

There is no single-cause of Sciatica however it can be triggered by some medical conditions such as disc issues, narrowing of the spinal cord, infections, syndromes and injury. Some risk factors involve professions of lifting regular heavy loads, stationary behaviour and physical inactivity. 

Australian studies have shown that bed rest may not improve or even relieve the symptoms of sciatica. Instead, Kieser’s physiotherapy program for sciatica treatment involves isolated muscle strengthening and light exercises to help relieve and treat sciatic nerve pain. 

Sciatica can be treated, managed and often prevented. After your initial consult, your Kieser physiotherapist will focus on restoring muscle strength and function through a tailored physiotherapy program

Preventing Sciatica and Preventing Lower Back Pain

To help prevent sciatica and lower back pain we recommend seeing a qualified Physiotherapist who can prescribe a strengthening program using Kieser’s unique strengthening machines to isolate and strengthen the appropriate muscle groups.

Speaking to one of Kieser’s Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists about your lifestyle is also an excellent way to learn more about preventing lower back pain and preventing sciatica symptoms.

To begin lower back pain physiotherapy or sciatica treatment you can find your closest Kieser centre location here.